donderdag 22 februari 2018

International Woolmark Prize - REVEAL.

From Factory Fifteen

We directed the campaign for the 2017-18 International Woolmark Prize in Florence. Our task was to develop a theme and visual identity for the awards which spoke of innovation and was loyal to the brand.

We came up with a single motif: ‘DISRUPT THE THREAD.

We applied this motif to several pieces of content for the live show and digital, including a choreographed catwalk projection sequence, an interactive installation, graphic design, website assets and social media posts. We worked in tandem with event producers OBO and the lighting designers.

SHOW REVEAL SEQUENCE Our approach to the stage, where the collections would be revealed was to create an animated curtain of thread. This thread acted much like a theatre curtain, hiding the stage itself and animating / disrupting subtly before the show. During the reveal itself the thread comes to life. We created a 3 minute animated sequence which was timed to models walking out onto a purpose built stage. We developed 12 different techniques of digitally animated thread which represented the 12 nominees and their innovative approach to the design and manufacture of wool. A transparent gauze was used as the projection surface to envelop the models in the animation as they walked out.

Epson Announces Projector Control Software to Manage Multiple Projectors Simultaneously.

Epson today announced the Epson Projector Professional Tool (EPPT), a software utility that helps users set up multiple Epson projectors and allows easy access to advanced features such as edge blending, geometric correction and auto image calibration. The software is free to download and is designed for use with Epson’s Pro L-Series large venue laser projectors.

The Epson Projector Professional Tool automatically finds and displays all projectors on the network and makes changes easy by allowing users to adjust focus and lens shift and control basic projector functions, such as turning power on and off or displaying a test image. In addition, the software offers a straight forward graphical interface for the installer right out of the box and allows the user to drag and drop individual projectors to change the image layout.

Here are all the details on the software.

dinsdag 20 februari 2018

KAIST flexible vertical micro LEDs

Researchers from Korea's KAIST developed flexible vertical micro-LEDs (f-VLEDs) using anisotropic conductive film (ACF)-based transfer and interconnection technology.

The researchers developed their own transfer equipment and used it to fabricate a 50x50 array of f-VLEDs using simultaneous transfer and interconnection through the precise alignment of ACF bonding process. The researchers report that the micro-LEDs achieved an optical power density of 30 mW/mm2 - which is three times higher than that of lateral micro LEDs. The LEDs offer improving thermal reliability and lifetime by reducing heat generation within the thin film LEDs.

These new flexible-VLEDs have possible applications in the display market, but the researchers also say that these can be suited for biomedical applications.

In September 2016, KAIST established a start-up company called FFRONICS that will commercialize KAIST's flexible sensor and wearable technologies, and it seems that Fronics is now also set to develop this flexible Micro-LED technology

Ten Years.

Ten Years Beamlog

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maandag 19 februari 2018

The Circle of Light

Finally, third place at Art Vision Classic Contest. Our mix of generative art with classic 3D renderings was performed at facade of "The Bolshoi Theatre" during Circle of Light Festival 23-27 Sep 2017.

We used:
Custom-build software (video editor, sampler, etc)
Modular synthesizers
Piano samples recorded at Peru


zaterdag 17 februari 2018

Moving Emotions: How Neuroscience is Opening New Doors for Digital OOH.

Following the successful launch of Ocean’s third wave of Neuroscience research in November, attention has focused not only on the results which quantify for the industry further accountability for full motion imagery, but it also focuses on what incremental conversations it now facilities for brands – how can they optimise their screen media plans? How can full motion digital out of home bring with it a new dimension of thinking? How can full motion digital out of home be the segue to new waves of creative thinking?

Today sees the release of an article in Campaign which talks about the research from both the Ocean and the wider Neuroscience perspective.

Hear from Helen Haines, Ocean’s Head of marketing and events, and Heather Andrews, CEO Of Neuro-insight UK, on why full motion digital out of home sits at a unique point in the media ecosystem.

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donderdag 15 februari 2018

Winner World Masters of Projection Mapping 2018- STRIPES 5

- Florian and Michael Quistrebert

Synaesthesia is a kind of sense with which you see colors when you listen to music. In the twentieth century various artists (such as Wassily Kandinsky) translated this into genres called 'silent music' and 'color music'. Here, sound is translated into a form, while colour represents an emotion.

The duo uses this information in ‘STRIPES 5’ and allows people to experience the projections in two ways. From afar, the building appears to be distorted, and from close by one can see the markings of the building and the psychedelic patterns play a greater role.

Video >> here <<

Human Rights Watch event.

from tinker imagineers

woensdag 14 februari 2018

Lumentium Madrid and Barcelona - Accenture Gastro Mapping –

Petit R is an immersive experience, using videomapping in 3D and the concept of anamorphosis . Before starting a culinary experience in Ruinart’s cellars, the guests will sit down in the dark to watch the « Petit R » saga : the history of Maison Ruinart coming to life before their eyes, onto the dining table.

dinsdag 13 februari 2018

Kega bv winner of the DiSiN Award 2017 in the Netherlands.

THE APPROACH / THE SOLUTION “If you unexpectedly have a product out of stock, you still want to help the customer with his request.” That’s been the reason of the ANWB to introduce this in-store kiosk. “With the kiosk, our endless aisle, we make the full online catalog available for our customers. In everything we do helping the customer is key. We do not have any claim, we are especially focused on helping the customer as much as possible. Let’s say helping +.” The distinctive yellow kiosk is slightly tilted so that it is readable for the user. Through the touch screen customers and employees are able to search the complete online product range. The kiosk has almost the same performance as the webshop on a PC, but the navigation especially works in terms of visual language and icons. Crucial to this approach is that the ordering kiosk is mainly used by the ANWB employee. The employee therefore supports the shopper who is looking for a product or service.

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The DiSiN Award is sponsored by Toshiba